Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello, It's Me.

I had the day off today.
It's a good day to have off, really. Snowing, bitterly cold, thoroughly MNan.

I spent a lot of the day not thinking about things I miss.
But then I started clearing out my My Favorites file. And I happened upon my old blog.

Ah, my poor, neglected blog. I miss typing incomprehensible, innocuous and incomplete thoughts. Especially, when I was able to acheive all three at once.
Also, I miss listening to music and trying to figure out an appropriate song title to use as my post title.
So, I'm getting the blog back together...which is a hassle. It's been so long that not only does blogspot not remember me, but neither does hotmail (YES!!!).
I'll post this at some point when I have more to say.

But this is it for today...Hello, It's Me.

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